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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to NorthStar Advocates! Please note that we are not a service provider and do not offer direct support services. Our goal is to guide and empower individuals by building capacity, strengthening systems, and providing comprehensive resources. If you require direct assistance or services, we recommend reaching out to the specific organizations listed in our resource directory. For any advocacy-related inquiries or collaboration opportunities, feel free to contact us. Thank you for understanding our role in fostering a community of support and awareness.

Does NorthStar offer paid work for youth and young adults with lived experience?

Yes! At NorthStar, we value the contributions of youth and young adults with lived experience. We believe in compensating individuals for their time and valuable input. We provide a $75 per hour stipend as a way to acknowledge and appreciate the meaningful contributions of those who collaborate with us.

Is NorthStar Advocates a Non-Profit?

Yes! NorthStar Advocates is a 501 c3 non for profit. Our EIN # is 87-428320 .

Is the Bridge program separate from NorthStar Advocates?

No, the Bridge program operates under the umbrella of NorthStar Advocates. It is an integral part of our organization.

Is NorthStar going to run the Bridge Housing Programs?

No, NorthStar is not going to directly run these programs. Our role involves legislative advocacy work to facilitate their creation. While we will not operate the Bridge Residential Programs, we will act as advisors for the organizations selected to run them. Our focus is on advocacy and support to ensure these programs align with our mission.

Can I sign up to provide a training for the bridge coalition

The Bridge Coalition, a NorthStar Advocates run coalition, provides monthly trainings and is always looking for subject matter experts and individuals with lived experience passionate about providing information and education to strengthen systems. Please contact us if you are interested in providing a training.