We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their NorthStar!


All young people facing homelessness or exiting state systems have the support and resources they need to create a life that is healthy, loving, and achieves their NorthStar.


The Bridge Residential HB 1929 is in the Governors Budget!

One step closer to a pioneering residential program for youth aged 18-24.

ONE STEP closer to more housing for youth and young adults:

Dept. of Commerce releases pac tower workgroup recommendations

Strengthening Systems

NorthStar Advocates is a pioneering nonprofit in the realm of social change. What sets NorthStar apart is its dynamic collective—a fusion of individuals who have navigated the challenges of behavioral health challenges and homelessness firsthand, seasoned professionals, and independent contractors with a proven track record of impactful results, all united by a shared vision.  Rather than merely addressing symptoms, NorthStar Advocates endeavors to redefine the practices and culture surrounding homelessness. Through a strategic blend of advocacy, innovation, and collaboration, the organization not only seeks to dismantle outdated structures but also to fortify and construct new systems that are rooted in the philosophy of NorthStar— Unconditional Care. 


Providing education and advocacy to support public policy and services that are culturally relevant, prioritizes equity, and strengthens young people, families and local communities.


Increasing the resources, expertise, and services across the state of Washington that strengthen young people, families and communities to prevent and end youth and young adult homelessness.


We have a targeted focus on and advocate to improve the continuum of behavioral health services (mental health, substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorders) available to children, youth, young adults, and families to prevent and end homelessness.


Building capacity includes supporting young professionals, especially BIPOC and those who identify as LGBTQ2S+ to receive the support, training, and compensation to ensure representation at all levels of human service organizations and systems of care.

A Word

From Our Founder

Jim Theofelis began his lifetime commitment to serving young people and families as an outreach worker on the streets of Seattle in 1979. For the next several years he worked on the “front lines” continuing to do street outreach and working in an emergency shelter that served youth surviving on the streets of Seattle that began his commitment to the philosophy of Unconditional Care: “All children and youth deserve a safe, nurturing environment to grow and thrive independent of behavior.”


Stay Up-To Date On Coalition Meetings & Events

 Explore our calendar for easy access to all NorthStar Advocates’ key meetings, including The Bridge Coalition and Youth & Legislative Advocacy initiatives. Click on the provided Zoom links to stay connected and get involved 

Bridge Coalition Meeting

4th Tuesday of every month from:

1:00-2:30 PM PST

Event Info + Meeting Link

The Bridge Coalition is a collaborative initiative aimed at preventing the discharge of youth and young adults from behavioral health inpatient facilities into homelessness. It focuses on enhancing cross-system involvement through trainings and statewide agency spotlights to ensure comprehensive support for vulnerable individuals. Click Here To Enter Meeting

Steering Committee

3rd Tuesday of every month from:

1:00-2:00 PM PST

Event Info + Meeting Link
The Bridge Steering Committee serves as a platform for NorthStar Advocates and young individuals with lived experiences to collaboratively shape agendas and topics for the broader Bridge Coalition meetings, fostering a youth-driven approach to address behavioral health challenges and homelessness prevention.

Youth Advisory

To Be Determined

Time & Date coming soon.

Event Info + Meeting Link
The Youth Advisory Committee is a pivotal assembly of individuals with lived experiences dedicated to strategizing and elevating Youth Advisory Boards statewide. By actively involving lived experiences, this committee plays a central role in shaping the direction of NorthStar, ensuring a comprehensive and authentic approach to addressing the needs of the youth community.

Bridge Coalition Trainings

Discover The Bridge Coalition Trainings – insightful sessions led by individuals with lived experience, professionals, and organizations. These trainings focus on enhancing shared knowledge about crucial topics to support youth and young adults transitioning from behavioral health inpatient programs. The goal is to create a safe and stable environment, preventing homelessness and fostering a brighter future. Join us in building understanding and resilience through these impactful sessions.

Facing Fentanyl

A NorthStar Advocates training created for services providers to help address the fentanyl crisis in WA State. The training was presented to the Bridge Coalition, a meeting run by NorthStar Advocates.

Click Here To View

Kids Mental Health Washington

On 8-22- 2023 Kids Mental Health Washington conducted a training for the Bridge Coalition.

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Integrated Manage Care

Scott Swan a representative from Molina provides an overview regarding Washington States Integrated Manage Care for the Bridge Coalition Meeting on 10-24-2023 to The Bridge Coalition.

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HCA - System of Care

The Health Care Authority presents on System of Care at The Bridge Coalition Meeting on 03-28-2023.

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Return To Community

Jim Theofelis covers the purpose and scope for The Bridge Coalition and describes NorthStar Advocates concept of Return To Community.

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Our Philosophy

UNCONDITIONAL CARE: All children and young people deserve a safe, warm, nurturing environment to grow, learn, and thrive. Children and young people do best when they are raised by healthy families and communities. Families and communities do best when they are trusted, supported, and free of bias and discrimination. Society does best when young people, families and communities have the resources, policies, and opportunities they need to be strong, healthy, and lead their own lives. We want young people and families to not just thrive, but to survive!

Articles & Updates

Explore The NorthStar Advocates Blog for real stories from people with lived experience, agency highlights, and important updates from NorthStar Advocates.